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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle hands on method that taps into our bodies energies. It promotes balance within the body by restoring our physical and emotional well-being. It can alleviate pain and stress, promote restful sleep, healing, and relaxation. In addition to the relaxation, Reiki can help those who suffer from anxiety and depression. It can help restore and boost your bodies immune system, enhancing healing throughout your body. One Reiki session lasts for about an hour. Unlike a massage, you are fully clothed and little to no pressure is applied with no oils or lotions used. One of our Massage Therapists, Starr, has been practicing Reiki since 1993 and has also had success in fertility and experience working with pregnant patients.

First Session Promotion : $40
Regular Session : $70

*Reiki is not billable through insurance, however you may use your HSA/FSA cards