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Pregnancy and Chiropractic/Massage:
  • At Dublin Family Chiropractic, we emphasize that chiropractic is a safe and effective form of treatment during pregnancy.  Many women are unaware of the fact that they can be treated with regular chiropractic adjustments throughout their entire pregnancy. 

    Don't feel like you have to suffer for 9+ months because you can't take pain medication.

  • Adjustments help relieve lower back ache due to weight gain and/or a shift in the center of gravity from a growing baby.  As certain hormones are released, ligaments become less taut and can cause instability, particularly in the pelvic region.  Also, new sleeping patterns can sometimes cause neck and upper back/shoulder pain to arise. 

    Chiropractic may be the answer you need!

    We use special techniques and pillows designed to comfort a pregnant woman's body and reduce pressure on the abdomen.   Also, check out our Product page to see some lower back/belly supports that you can wear to ease the pain in the lower back during pregnancy.

  • Massage therapy is another safe technique and can be performed during pregnancy.  This usually depends more on the mother's comfort level, but we can accommodate by changing positions and techniques.

    As a new mother and friend of Dublin Family Chiropractic stated:
    "When you feel good, the baby feels good." 

    Take the steps to make sure that you're a healthy mommy
    and that you have a healthy baby, too.

  • If you have any questions about chiropractic for pregnancy and/or pediatrics, check out the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association at http://www.icpa4kids.org/research/pregnancy/chiro.htm.
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