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New Patient Center
Thank you for inquiring about us!
On your first visit should expect the following:

1.  Fill out general forms (see Forms below) including your name, address and insurance information (if applicable).  You'll also be asked to provide a copy of your photo id and insurance card.

2.  The doctor will inquire about your complete health history, including any surgeries, medications, major traumas, or auto accidents and any other diagnoses that may relate to your first visit.

3.  An examination including range of motion (how well you can turn or bend), palpation to assess motion, muscle tightness and tenderness, postural analysis and other orthopedic and neurologic tests to determine if x-rays will be necessary.

4.  If necessary, x-rays may be ordered.  Not all patients of Dublin Family Chiropractic require x-rays on the first visit.  This is not part of our typical "protocol" for every patient.  We only order them if we feel they are necessary.  If you have recently had x-rays or an MRI taken of your spine, please feel free to bring them with you, including the report. 

5. A report of the doctor's findings will explain the diagnosis and focus on how to treat the area, as well as explain more about how chiropractic works and some of the changes you will possibly experience.

6. If no x-rays were ordered, an adjustment may be performed on the first visit.  Chiropractic treatments consist of re-aligning the segments of the spine, as well as physical therapy that may include heat, ice, electric stim, vibration, roller table, decompression, manual (massage) therapy, Shockwave Therapy or any combination of the above.  The doctor will determine a treatment plan based on the findings. 

*Everyone is different and every BODY heals differently, and this will be taken into consideration when determining the treatment plan.  This plan can (and will) be changed based on the speed of which you improve in conditions and health.

(The first 3* forms are required for chiropractic and massage appointments)

*Patient Information

*HIPPA Signature
*Cancellation Policy

*Shockwave Therapy Consent Form 

Consent to Treat a Minor Child (optional)

Infrared Sauna Form

Esthetic Form

Post Waxing Instructions

                                                        3D Interactive Spine

Click on the Interactive Spine to see which body parts are affected and some common symptoms if this segment of the spine becomes misaligned!