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Massage Therapy

  • Massage therapy is used to relieve many conditions from low back pain, neck pain and headaches, muscle spasms, trigger points (aka "knots") and decreased range of motion issues.  At Dublin Family Chiropractic, we describe the technique as medical massage, which incorporates several techniques that are tailored to meet an individual's specific needs. Those techniques include:

  • Deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, are involved in heavy physical activity (such as athletes), repetitive activities, and patients who have sustained physical injury. 
  • Myofascial release helps to stretch muscle and associated fascia (connective tissue that surrounds the muscle).  It is designed to reduce or eliminate pain, increase range of motion and circulation.
  • Trigger point therapy uses pressure to release trigger points ("knots") that tend to cause local pain or may even refer pain and other sensations, such as headaches, to other parts of the body.

  • Our cash (non-insurance) prices for massage therapy:
    30 minutes - $45.00
    45 minutes - $60.00

    60 minutes - $75.00
    (updated 5/15/2020 based on changes due to COVID-19)
    *Note:  If we are billing insurance, the price may vary depending on your benefit coverage.

                               Gift Certificates Available

    To schedule your massage call Dublin Family Chiropractic at 614.764.4001. 

Contact our office to see if your insurance plan covers your massage therapy.  This is usually billed under "Physical Therapy" and may only cost you a co-pay or co-insurance
(depending on insurance plan and if yearly deductible has been met). 
Keep in mind that most Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts
can be used towards payment for massage therapy!

*Note:  We are not able to bill Medicare for massage therapy.