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Quotes I am 43 years old and have had a history of lower back and neck problems. Moving to Ohio in 2004, I left behind my family doctor and chiropractor. Upon my first visit with Dr. Jamie I felt relief from the pain I had been feeling for years. My neck pain was so bad that my medical doctors were suggesting I seriously consider neck surgery to replace a couple of degenerated discs in my neck. Dr. Jamie took the time to evaluate my situation, ran a few tests and x-rays and felt strongly that she could help with my neck pain and help me to not have to resort to surgery. I have seen Dr. Jamie for a couple months now and have never felt better. Thanks to Dr. Jamie and her team at Dublin Family Chiropractic, I am feeling better than I have in years. Quotes
Victor Ceballos, age 43, Dublin, OH

Quotes Growing up I was always told by my mother, "We don't see those kind of doctors." I have many friends that use chiropractic services and tout the many benefits and successful solutions to many maladies. I had been suffering with short periods of lower back pain that completely froze my back for 24 hours at a time. This only occured occasionally, no more than once or twice a year. Until this year. I have had episodes regularly. I assume this has to do with the great deal of stress that has consumed my year so far. Still, I resisted, saying I could handle it with rest and Advil. Until my sciatic nerve took over! The pain was excruciating. I didn't sleep for 2 weeks. As bad as my lower back pain ever was-this brought me in! Being nervous but in desperate need of relief, I called Dr. Berringer. She was able to see me that day. She was so kind and understanding of my concerns along with knowledgeable and professional. I had almost immediate relief. Quotes
Carol Collins, age 43
Taking Friends Advice about Chiropractic Pays Off

Quotes I was seeing Dr. Berringer for my neck and back issues. However, over the past few months, I noticed that my knees were very stiff when walking and I was having soreness when going down stairs. I was considering seeing an orthopedic doctor. I called Dr. Berringer and explained the issues with my knees and asked her if she could help me. She said she could help me with my knees and I saw her that afternoon. She adjusted/re-aligned my knee caps and tested the stability of them. She also applied electro-stimulation. She said that my knees were very unstable and that I needed to strengthen my quadricep and hamstring muscles. She gave me some simple exercises to start with and said that we will build upon those exercises as the therapy progresses. My knees were sore that evening. However, when I woke up the next day, my knees were back to normal with none of the stiffness and unusual soreness going down stairs. I called and thanked her. I plan to do my exercises and see her week Quotes
Brenda Montgomery, age 47, Dublin, OH
Chiropractic for Knee Pain

Quotes I've lived with chronic back and shoulder pain for as long as I remember. I wasn't familiar with the benefits of chiropractic care and massage therapy until recently. I was referred to Dublin Family Chiropractic and in the few months since I've become a patient, my world has changed! I was prone to debilitating migraines and jaw pain. These were in addition to the daily ache of my shoulder and back. I didn't realize how the haze of pain I continuously felt affected my life until it was gone. Yes, gone. Since becoming a patient, my world is much different; colors are brighter, sounds clearer and birds sing happier. So maybe I exaggerate a bit; however, it is true and real that I no longer wake up daily in pain. I no longer suffer from 16+ day migraines. In fact, I've had one migraine in the last month and after one visit, I literally walked out of the office migraine-free. I have referred many friends and family and I will continue to do so. Quotes
Anonymous, age 29
Exceeding Expectations

Quotes I've had low back pain for more than 30 years; some of which was caused by falls, while other pain resulted from sciatica. I tried everything to get relief-physical therapy (several times), medications, hot/cold packs, mind-body stress reduction. Some worked for a while, but nothing lasted very long in giving me freedom of movement without pain. I decided to try chiropractic and visited DFC. Dr. Berringer was very thorough in every aspect of my first examination, asking about current and past pain/injuries and observing my posture and gait. After only one treatment, my back felt better than it had in years. She targeted trigger points that I didn't know existed and, through regular appointments, has improved my range of motion to near normal! My pain level has gone from approximately 9 on a 10-point scale to about 1. I lived with pain for so long that I'd completely forgotten what it felt like to be nearly pain-free. I highly recommend Dr. Berringer's services to anyone. Quotes
Valerie Snavely, age 56
Dealing with Chronic Pain

Quotes "What a pain in the neck! My neck really hurts! I've had this pain for several years and the pain has slowly and steadily increased. My family doctor said it was caused by arthritis. He offered no solution other than pain pills or surgery and I didn't want either. I did, however, take non-prescription pain pills more often than I'd like to admit but what was I to do? I went to Dr. Jamie L. Berringer, D.C., and explained the problem to her. She treated me for the neck pain (it was painless) and the pain was gone before I left her office and has not returned. I sleep better and feel better and now, thanks to Dr. Berringer, I can live a normal life again!" Quotes
Steve Hobbs, age 59, Plain City, OH
Neck Pain Resolved

Quotes I am 52 years old and have been to several chiropractors. It has been my experience with Doctor Jamie Berringer that she is the most professional and caring person I have ever met in her practice. She takes the time to evaluate each aspect of your aches and pains and truly cares for your well being. I have been going to Dr. Berringer for several months and plan on continuing to do so. Quotes
Paul Miller, age 52, Findlay, OH
Professional Atmosphere