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Chiropractic Needs Your Help!

Posted on July 20, 2009 at 4:04 PM

I would like to invite everyone to contact your local legistlator to include chiropractic in the National Healthcare Plan


Chiropractors everywhere, including myself, could be forced to close our doors within a few years if health insurance no longer covers chiropractic.  My practice and my patients' access to chiropractic care is at stake!  I know that every profession is facing "job security" issues in this hard time, but this is something that we can actually DO something about.  I have already sent a form letter to the three legislative reps for the state of Ohio.  Now I ask that you do the same.  Simply click on the link to ChiroVoice.org and fill in your name, address and email address.  Then choose the legislative representative you'd like the email sent to.  It's simple but it could save my profession, and your access to quality alternative healthcare.

5 Reasons to Participate:
1. Future coverage of and patient access to chiropractic could be in danger.
2. National healthcare and Medicare reform will be debated and chiropractic must be part of the debate.
3. Without action, your access to chiropractic services could be reduced - or even eliminated.
4. By signing up, you are supporting chiropractic and allowing your voice to be heard.
5.  It's Free!


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